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Buying and Price Guide

Diamond Jewellery Guide

Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying Loose Diamonds – What you should know.

Wondering how to buy loose diamonds?

Whether you’ve decided to purchase loose diamonds for themselves or as part of a ‘build your own solitaire’ to be used in diamond jewellery like engagement rings or earrings, here are a few tips to help you make a smart purchase.

What should I look for while buying diamonds?
Use the 4Cs wisely………... Read More

Buying a solitaire on a budget

Is it possible to buy a solitaire on a budget? Don’t let the price put you off! Gift yourself or your loved ones a solitaire, here’s how you can make sure to buy a cheap solitaire and still get the best value at the price you choose.


Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat all contribute to how a diamond looks and how much it will cost………..Read More


Diamond Setting Guide

What’s the best way to bring out the shine of your stone? Here are a few diamond setting options that will help you get the sparkle you want, at the design you choose and the price you want.

Prong Setting

This is a classic setting, generally used to hold in place a solitaire. It features a single diamond held in place with four or six prongs, usually used in classic engagement rings or single stone diamond rings. Also known as the claw setting, this style of mounting minimises how much metal is used and so allows more light to pass through the diamond. Four prongs are generally the most preferred in setting princess diamonds……..Read More

Tips to buy your first diamond

So you’ve made the decision to buy diamond jewellery. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying diamond jewellery for the first time

Consider the occasion

Why do you want to buy diamonds?

Buying your first diamond for yourself? Are you buying it for someone else – maybe gifting diamond jewellery for your wife or mother? Are you looking for stylish diamond earrings for a party, or do you want to buy an engagement ring? You may want to go heavy on diamonds or choose a simple solitaire. The type of occasion you are buying for, will guide you on how to buy the perfect diamond……..Read More

Types of Diamond

A Comprehensive Guide

In the word of jewellery, there is nothing more sparkling than diamonds. Even the smallest of diamond trinkets – for instance, diamond nose pins or rings – have a sparkle few other gemstones can match. All that sparkle on diamond jewellery has a story to tell. Although most diamonds look the same, they are not created equal. In fact, gemmologists have classified these gems into different categories based on their chemical and physical properties. To classify them, gemmologists evaluate the stones for their atomic makeup. This helps them analyse their colour, their growth, and whether they are natural or treated. In this article, we give you a comprehensive outline of different types of diamonds and their features……Read More

Gold Jewellery Guide

How to Buy Gold Jewellery Online

Gone are those days when you had to spend hours at a jewellery store. And the time it took to go from store to store in search of that perfect piece of gold! Back then, people relied on local jewellers who offered them only limited choices. But now, the Internet has changed the way we shop. Shopping is as simple as pointing and clicking. Online retailers in India and around the world spoil you for choice when it comes to buying jewellery. The prospect of being able to shop from the comforts of your home only adds to the joy of shopping for gold jewellery. Ah! The joys of living in a world of technology!…..Read More


Is Buying Gold A Good Investment

Gold plays an important role in shaping the economies of nations. That’s true for India’s economy too. It has been a valuable commodity for a long time in history. Gold was the universal trading currency for over 6000 years in history. The worldwide recognition of its value led to the development of the gold standard. The gold standard was used as early as 1500 years ago, during the Byzantine Empire. Until recently, the world reserve currency was gold. In 1944, the status of the world reserve currency went to the dollar. Although gold is not a primary form of currency anymore, it’s still a strong, long-term…..Read More

Making Charges and wastage charges in gold jewellery

What are Making Charges in Gold jewellery

When you fall in love with a piece of gold jewellery, and decide to purchase it, you don’t just buy the piece, you invest in a design conceptualised by the designer, the effort and the artistry that it takes for the craftsmen to shape, polish, cut and mould that gold into the design you choose……Read More




Myths Surrounding the Purchase of Gold

Gold is one of the, well, gold standards among investments in physical commodities. It has also been an investment phenomenon in most parts of the world in the past decade. However, there is an ocean of misinformation that misguides gold buyers. Owing to the myths, gold is misunderstood by many investors. This has led them to keep such a valuable asset out of their portfolios. From calling gold a bad investment to defaming it to be over,…Read More

Tips to buy gold jewellery

Buying designer jewellery is a carefully considered purchase. To make sure that you get the best value out of the jewellery you’ve bought, make sure to get answers to these important questions.

Is my jewellery certified?

Make sure that the jewellery you buy has the trusted BIS Hallmark. This is an assurance you of the purity of gold in your product………..Read More

What to Look for When Buying Gold Jewellery in India

India loves the precious yellow metal. Our obsession for gold is a world-renowned fact, one that needs no debate. And when we say we love buying gold, it most often means gold jewellery. For the average Indian gold buyer, it is not only an investment but also a precious fashion accessory. And we love to flaunt it every chance we get, don’t we? An Indian woman’s attire and her wardrobe are never incomplete without some or the other form of gold jewellery in it………Read More

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