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Gifting Guide

Akshaya Tritiya

Giving and receiving gifts is an important part of almost all Indian festivals. Take, for instance, the case of Rakshabandhan. Sisters tie a rakhi on their brother’s wrists and in exchange receive a token of their love in the form of a gift. The same goes true for Diwali, Christmas, Ramadan, and other festivals observed in India……Read More



Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. This five day festival of lights begins with Dhanteras, the day when people start cleaning their homes, lighting diyas and shopping for the festival. When we talk about shopping on Dhanteras, we aren’t referring to the usual grocery shopping……..Read More


Gift your mom something sparkling this mothers day

Ah, your mother! She was your first fashion icon, your confidant, your stylist and so much more. She has been by your side for all the major events of your life. You had a special bond with her and you can never thank her enough for all her love…….Read More


Gifting Gold to Your In-Laws

When you get married, your spouse’s parents also become your parents and her/his siblings become yours. That’s why people say with marriage, you are blessed with a second family. Unlike what’s portrayed in television serials and movies, most people have a good relationship with their in-laws. ……..Read More

Gifts for the bride and the groom

No Indian wedding is complete without a little glitter. And we are not talking about the powdery kind. Indian weddings and gold go hand in hand. In addition to being an integral part of the bridal trousseau, jewellery made of precious metals also makes great gifts for the bride and the groom. Whether you are the groom’s mother or the bride’s uncle, gold is the perfect you can give the newlyweds…… Read More

How to Buy Men’s Jewellery? 

Fashion trends come. Fashion trends go. And sometimes, old trends come back stronger than ever. Men’s jewellery is one of the clearest examples of how fashion trends evolve. Think about it, once upon a time, men wore as much jewellery as women did. Then came a time when earrings or a necklace looked out of place on a man. Today, it is common to see a man flaunt single studs, gold bracelets or diamond pendants on a gold chain…. Read More


In India, there is something to be celebrated almost every month. Festivals in India can be categorised as religious festivals and cultural festivals. Some, like Rakshabandhan are both religious and cultural events. When it comes to this festival, it doesn’t matter where you go to say your prayers or by what name you choose to call God. All that matters is that you have a sibling you love and adore…..Read More

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