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About Us

We are Sunar. The brand that is the brainchild of business mogul and designer extraordinaire, Praveen Goel, an acclaimed name in the world of jewellery making and retail. As an ideapreneur, today his name is right at the forefront of luxury retail. From predicting trends and styles, to material selection and design, to giving a well scrutinized nod to the final product ‐ he is a connoisseur par excellence. He believes that a combination of art, imagination and craftsmanship enables one to rise above the ordinary and create jewellery that is truly magnificent. In the field of jewellery making since 2001, today he brings forth the most ambitious project of all – Sunar, a jewellery brand which believes in establishing a new benchmark for jewels and ornaments. The brand creates visual poetry with pieces that embrace contemporary styles and modern innovations while preserving the traditional designs. We at Sunar believe in the power of craftsmanship. Inspired by Sunar, in the timeless tradition of the goldsmith is an artist by heart who works his magic on gemstones and metals; we too are devoted in creating timeless masterpieces. Here the artist creates his pieces, his art, inspired by his muse. The muse who lives in every consumer of the brand. And our only focus is to ensure that each muse find something that echoes with his/her individual sense of aesthetics. This is beyond a jewellery brand. This is a journey. Come, be part of it. Be the muse.


SUNAR Jewels is the brainchild of Mr Praveel Goel, an entrepreneur, a business mogul and designer extraordinaire, who was already a well-recognized name in the world of luxury retail prior to pioneering the brand. Mr Goel, who is a certified gemologist, had a vision to change the mode of jewellery industry by revolutionizing the entire process of innovation, craftsmanship and retail strategy. Keeping these esteemed ideals in mind, he launched SUNAR Jewels in 2015. The brand has established a new benchmark for jewels and ornaments, by creating visual poetry through designs that are inspired by rich heritage as well as simultaneously embracing contemporary styles and modern innovations.

Chairman Message

“Innovation and design is not creating something new, but redefining the existing things in a modern way.” Operating on this philosophy, we, at Sunar Jewels, have been working forward to create landmark in jewellery & Diamond Industry. While developing, We create a conducive place for creating memories. Since the upsurge of Jems & Jewellery sector, we have stayed in the lime light. With an increase in the requirements of the national and international occupiers, we have ensured to develop an ethical and an authentic relationship with them. Apprehending an expansion and a manifold increase in the Jewellery Industry, we have ensured a stringent quality while design in Jewellry . From top hierarchy to the operating staff, we have maintained a single point of agenda for rendering services. The efforts of our executives, staffs, associates, friends, buyers, occupiers and investors have been unprecedented, overwhelming and encouraging. So, let us join hands and explore the opportunity . with Sunar Jewels. Wish you all the best, Praveen Goel.

Our Mission

The mission of Sunar is to provide an extremely authentic world class service and keep their clientele happy by maintaining high standards of precision, design aesthetics, jewellery quality and personalized service. The brand uses the best of manufacturing techniques and skilled craftsmanship of their artisans to deliver exquisite ornaments, enclosed in equally magnificent cases. Sunar ensures that each piece of jewellery is an exquisite work of art in itself that will bring absolute joy to the beholder. The brand’s stores, with their opulent interiors, also provide each customer with an exceptionally luxurious ambience. The setting and surrounding is perfect for indulging in an easy and hassle free shopping experience, which more than matches the most exclusive of standards, set by international brands.

Our Vision

Sunar aims to sail the brand forward by becoming the most admired name in India’s jewel retail market. The penchant for setting new standards in aesthetics and design, which is reflective of a refreshing originality and craftsmanship quality, will go a long way in endearing the brand to a wide section of people, and which will ultimately manifest into a loyal customer base worldwide. The company is dedicated to setting a benchmark for retail excellence and producing only the finest in jewellery - right from conceptualizing, innovating and designing each piece to its final crafting and manufacture. And, this is just the beginning…


Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience, corporate citizenship or responsible business) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model.

Success Story

SUNAR was conceptualized to revolutionize the bridal jewellery market in the country. Today, the brand has achieved cult status among jewellery brands, and become synonymous with unparalleled and exquisite trousseau jewellery that redefines the concept of “designer” and “luxury”. We have also made a name for offering bespoke jewellery designs, and are the foremost ultimate luxury bridal jewellery destination.

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